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Succinic Acid(bio-based)

Cas No.: 110-15-6

Formula: C4H6O4

Properties: White crystalline powder. Relative density of 1.572 (25/4 C), melting point of 188 C, decompose at 235 C, sublimate under the decompression and distillation, soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol and ether.

Advantages: Compared with the production process of Petrochemical synthetic method, succinic acid by microbial fermentation is purely natural, pollution-free, and food grade with no reprocessing.It is biodegradable and uses renewable plant resources as raw material to reduce the pollution of chemical synthesis process to the environment.

Grade: Industrial grade, food grade.

Uses: Widely used in medicine, spices, food preservatives, condiments, food additives, surface active agents and so on. It is widely used in the production of degradable plastics PBS, PBST, PBSA, clothing biological fibers, polyurethane, polyether and other polyester products, auxiliary materials for the production of surfactants, raw material of production of polymer materials such as succimide and nylon 54.

Packing: 20KG,25KG/paper bag or 1000KG/weaving bag.

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