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Calcium Stearate

Cas No.: 1592-23-0

Formula: C36H70O4Ca

Properties: White owder,melting point 150~155, relative density 1.08, soluble in hot pyridine, slightly soluble in hot alcohol heat vegetable oil and mineral oil, almost insoluble in water ether chloroformAcetone and cold alcohol, acid or alkali decomposition, hygroscopicity in the air.

Grade: Industrial grade.

Uses: Calcium stearate as halogen absorber in the polyolefin resin, can eliminate the halogen in resin, and remove the residue resin catalyst in, to prevent it with resin to produce gel, helps to reduce the external friction in the process of resin processing This product is used as PVC stabilizer and lubricant, as a non-toxic food packaging vessels medical apparatus and instruments, such as soft filmThis product can also be widely used as lubricant of polyolefin fiber and molding plastic products, as well as lubricant of thermosetting plastics such as phenolic amino and polyester reinforced plastics, thickening agent of grease, waterproof agent of textiles, flatting agent of paint and filling agent of paper, etc

Packing: 25KG/bag with an inside polyethylene bag or as per customers’ requirements.

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