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Synawell International is a dynamic,developing and customer oriented company specializing in providing specialty chemicals and raw materials to many industries.

Founded in 2009, we are young,energetic and flexible. The experience and expertise of our professional team makes Synawell International the leading supplier of chemical products and services in the globle market.

Various Markets

Synawell International takes pride in providing a wide range of high quality chemical materials at competitive market prices. We work closely with hundreds of chemical manufacturers and suppliers to ensure steady chemical supply and always in-time delivery.

Our innovative expertise enables us to serve various industries such as industrial, personal care, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemical Eeectronic, paper, textile, coating & painting, construction, plastics, rubbers, cosmetics, food & beverage, feed & veterinary and some other markets.

Pro Team

Successful business depends on intelligent and productive team. As a leading successful chemical supplier, Our potential and talented team members are agile, intelligent, energetic and active in meeting and satisfying diversified customer demands.

Our team of dedicated experts works hard to ensure and utilize our diverse experience and expertise covering specialty chemicals and raw materials to support our customers business success.

Quality Control

Based on the quality management system ISO9001, Synawell International is managed and run under strict quality control system, we provide chemicals only from top manufacturers and suppliers, which guarantees the high quality, high efficiency of the specialty chemicals & fine chemicals and services we provide to different customers with a professional and customized approach to their specific needs.

Synawell International meets our customer’s requirements and expectations by offering only high quality chemical products and services in the most professional and dedicated way possible.

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During the difficult time, we are motivated to dream a little bigger, work a little harder, and make good things happen for our customers and partners.

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